Covid-19 Antigen Test for Travel and Re-entry into the UK
Covid-19 Antigen Test for Travel and Re-entry into the UK
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Covid-19 Antigen Test for Travel and Re-entry into the UK

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If you need Rapid Antigen Tests for your travel, this is the solution for you

Many countries including USA, France, Italy, Greece and Portugal now allow you to use a Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) test to enter (please check the relevant countries’ latest rules)  and currently, anyone arriving in the UK from a green or amber-list country must take a lateral flow test before getting on the plane, and PCR test on or before day two of their arrival.

Supervised Covid-19 Antigen Test kit with a certificate to travel included.

After registering for your test online, you will receive a telemedical video link from one of our medical supervisors for the date/time of your test.

Once your telemedical supervision starts you will be expected to remain visible for the duration of the test. This will take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

You will also need to download and register for our V-Passport app which is where the results of your test will be made available to you. The app is available on both IOS and android.

You will receive your test results and certificate to travel by the end of the telemedical call.

How do you take an antigen test?

A Covid-19 antigen test comprises swabbing both your throat and the inside of each nostril. You should do this several times per nostril to assure a good quality sample. The swab is then placed into a buffer solution to allow the antigen to dissolve in the liquid. This liquid is then dropped onto the device's pad, producing a reaction that gives a result.

Do I need to get tested for Covid before I fly to the UK?

Yes, all passengers must take a Covid-19 test and provide a negative test result before travelling to the UK.

Are antigen tests accepted for travel?

Several countries, including the USA, Italy, and Germany accept antigen tests for travel. However, you should verify both the airline and destination consider an antigen test for travel valid. If you are travelling to England, you must take an antigen test before you arrive to avoid a £200 fine.

Who can get an antigen test for travel?

Anyone in England who does not have coronavirus symptoms can get a private rapid antigen test provided that they are accepted for travel by the country of destination and chosen airline.

Where can I get an antigen test for travel near me?

Our same-day result Covid-19 antigen tests are available to order online for just £49 with free delivery to anywhere in the UK. Our antigen tests for travel can be delivered to your home or a convenient place near you, such as your workplace or hotel.

Am I guaranteed to receive an antigen test certificate for travel?

You’ll be provided with a same-day fit-to-fly test certificate providing your test has been confirmed as negative for coronavirus after we have received and processed your result. This travel test certificate can be used for travel to certain countries where antigen tests are satisfactory.

Which countries are accepting antigen tests for travel?

As of May 2021, the Germany, USA and Italy are accepting antigen tests for travel. 

What information do I need to include before submitting my antigen test result online?

To register your swab sample, you’ll need to provide your main contact information (name, address, date of birth), your pre-departure information and whether you have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


Once you have received your test kit you must not open it until instructed by the remote supervisor. If the seal is NOT intact the test may be deemed INVALID.