Getting Results

On average, you can expect to receive test results together with your Fit2Fly Certificate (where applicable) from our UKAS registered lab within 24hrs of the laboratory receiving your sample. However, all test results and turnarounds are indications and not guaranteed. Customers should allow up to 48 hours during peak periods. Both our laboratory and delivery partners operate 6 days per week (Monday - Saturday).

When will I receive my Home COVID-19 PCR Testing kit?

Any orders placed before 2pm will be dispatched on the same working day on the requested courier service for UK delivery.

When should i register my PCR Test

All tests need to be registered with the laboratory immediately prior to the swab sample being returned using the link provided within the sales order confirmation email or by clicking here

 What should I do if my covid-19 PCR test is positive?

If your covid-19 PCR test is positive, you will need to cancel your travel plans and you and anyone you live with must self-isolate to avoid spreading the infection to other people. The self-isolation period includes the day you receive the results and the next 10 full days.

For more information go to the NHS covid-19 website. Do not visit a health centre such as a hospital, clinic, GP surgery or Pharmacy unless instructed.

What should I do if my covid-19 PCR test is negative?

A negative PCR test means that you were not infected with covid-19 when you took the test. If you have no symptoms, you can continue with your travel plans as normal with the approved Fit2Fly Certificate.

What happens if my result is negative and I start to feel unwell?

If you develop the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, you should follow government guidance:

Unclear or inconclusive tests

A small number of PCR tests may come back as unclear or inconclusive. This simply means it was not possible to say if you were infected with coronavirus when the test was done. There are several reasons why this may occur and it, unfortunately, means you will need to be tested again. We will not charge you for an inconclusive or unclear result – we will either refund you or send out a new test kit.

NB: Fit2Fly will not be liable for losses incurred as a result of an unclear or inconclusive test.