The Affiliate Program

Why should I join the Affiliate Partner Program?

Regular, reliable commission payments for a 24m period 

For each test purchased on our site you will earn a favourable commission. The more you refer, the more you make.

Dedicated UKAS registered laboratory

Our PCR test is conducted in a UKAS registered lab by clinical lab personnel who are specifically trained in the diagnostic procedure required to conduct this test.

Expedited Nationwide Turnaround

Test results are issued within 24 hours of receipt by our laboratory.

Total support

Our team is ready to help you get started as an affiliate, answer questions, and be your backup throughout the process.

How it works

Our unique affiliates programme can provide valuable additional revenue streams for any of our partners – the programme is designed for those in the travel and tourism industries who are taking bookings for their client’s onward travel. Simply, when your clients book travel through yourselves they can also book their fit2fly tests at the same time providing a neat one stop shop solution for them with the comfort that the whole process is managed with UKAS registered laboratory testing facilities in place for their certification.

As the affiliate partner you receive a payment for each individual who books a test through yourselves which is then tracked through our Unique Identification Code (UIC) providing a payment to you and a discount to the end user whenever it is used within a 24 month period. This provides valuable recurring revenues as each time the client uses that UIC in the two year period then you will receive a further commission payment for that use – even if their next holiday is booked with a different agent. The UIC code provided to the customer for their future discounts always reverts back to the original partner for payment and has no limit to usage within that two year period.

The whole programme is managed by us and we provide you with a periodic report showing the amount of tests sold by yourselves (even broken down by branch or individual if you wish, there are no limits to the data sets analysed) and the payments due to you in return. All you need to do is raise an invoice for the corresponding amount and we will pay by return. It can be a valuable internal promotion for your staff and also offers excellent reward and recognition for those bringing in vital additional revenue streams whilst bolstering their earnings without cost to yourselves.

Download our Affiliate NDA Agreement