Travel news latest: Just five European countries poised for 'green list'

There may only be five European destinations on the UK Government’s ‘green’ list of countries when overseas holidays are set to return from next month.

Portugal, Malta, Iceland, Finland and Gibraltar look set to welcome with the least amount of hassle when coming home. Those considered ‘green’ mean returning travellers aren’t required to quarantine, and need only take two coronavirus tests – though countries may have their own rules in place for arrivals.

However, analysis from travel consultancy The PC Agency shows that outside of Europe there may be more options, including Israel – where the Covid-19 vaccine has been a huge success – as well as Morocco and a string of Caribbean islands.

Its chief executive, Paul Charles, added that the expectation is that most of Europe will be labelled ‘green’ by the end of June, at which point the United States may also be in that category.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is due to confirm when travel can restart on May 10, but Mr Charles said “we expect [the UK Government] to announce their traffic lights on 6th or 7th May.”

The earliest date for the resumption of international leisure travel is May 17, as per Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s strategy to ease coronavirus restrictions. Government sources have suggested that final decisions on the list will only be taken in the middle of next week when analysts can consider the latest data on vaccination rates and infection and variant prevalence in the countries.

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Credit: The Telegraph