Fit to Fly COVID-19 Tests: Everything you need to know

Since the NHS are not able to provide coronavirus tests for individuals without symptoms, persons planning to travel abroad are obliged to use private testing facilities to acquire their COVID fit to fly certificate. The vast majority of airlines and destinations require a fit to fly certificate evidencing a negative coronavirus test sample 72 hrs before the flight. In this article, we will reveal what you need to know before you travel and how to order a private fit 2 fly PCR COVID-19 test.


What is a fit to fly certificate?

A fit to fly certificate is commonly a letter of approval from an accredited CQC (Care Quality Commission) health practice. With the pressures on the NHS during the Covid pandemic, approved private organisations have filled the gap in being able to offer private Covid fit to fly tests and certification. As well as confirmation of your result, your Covid fit to fly certificate will provide all necessary information confirming you are safe to fly per the airlines' requirements, such as:

  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Name
  • Confirmation of your negative result
  • Signature of a qualified medical practitioner
  • Full test report and audit trail 

How to get a fit to fly certificate?

Ordinarily, to obtain a fit to fly certificate, you would first receive a negative coronavirus test result and then attend a fit to fly assessment from the GP. Here you would be provided with a fit to fly certificate to travel abroad safely. GP appointments, however, are difficult to attend during the pandemic. Because of this, most airlines and destinations only ask for proof of a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test. This can be used as an alternative to a traditional fit to fly letter.


With our UKAS registered RT-PCR Saliva Coronavirus Test Kits, you will receive a FREE downloadable certificate as proof of your result. However, please check with your airline and destinations in case they have a specific fit to fly COVID-19 requirements that vary from this. You can find out more about this and other entry requirements for individual countries by visiting the UK Government Website.



  • It is your responsibility to clarify what information is required by your airline and travel destination. Some operators may require specific medical reports and GP notes, rather than confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test result alone.
  • Mail-order tests are subject to the courier services involved. Please do not leave ordering COVID-19 tests to the last minute, which can lead to delays and unnecessary concern.